How do you feel about all the celeb nudes?

- Asked by bostonskid

Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence both some bad ass white bitches, so from a nigga perspective I’m not mad at that. But at this point celeb nudes “leaking” almost seems like a perfectly timed publicity stunt. Idk if I believe that these pics just happen to appear on the internet like this, especially given that leaking someone’s nude pics on the internet is a felony. Who in their right mind would take that risk? Especially with a celebrity who was the money and lawyers to find out exactly who leaked the nudes. I feel like celebs are leaking their own nudes for exposure, especially nowadays.

Yooooo ur freestyle was actually sick as fuck

- Asked by yungjungin

Thanks fam, you been showing a lot of love, I really appreciate that! I’m just trying to find creative ways to get my music out there, you feel me? This music shit is really hard as far as gaining exposure, but I put my heart & soul into every bar I spit. So for you to recognize my talent, the feeling is indescribable. Thanks again bro 

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